Tuesday, September 30, 2008

eats tapes and fyoelk

i've been trying to listen to less minimal techno because none of my friends like it. but glitchy, nintendo-beat electro of the minimal persuasion is where it's at. both eats tapes and fyoelk have played sets at the golden poodle club in hamburg--it's in an old run-down shack overlooking the harbor--it's legendary. parties until the sun comes up, every night of the week.

the beautiful sound of midi nintendo, synthesizers and drum machines characterize the sound of eats tapes, a cute boy-girl duo (like crystal castles, but better!) who are now in berlin.


fyoelk is from amsterdam; minimal techno with a sense of humor. and sense of cute. and sense of sweaters.

i also hear a lot of talk about electro belonging in clubs and at parties only. but that's not true. it can be a part of your life. it will make it better.

R. Stevie Moore

Lately, I haven't been able to get enough of this guy. R. Stevie Moore lives in New Jersey, recording in his home and embodying the DIY dream. And he's been doing it since the 70's, boys and girls. More importantly, his brand of weirdo lo-fi pop is simultaneously haunting, clever, and fun, but always interesting.

More good news, his discography is enormous-- over 400 albums, according to his website.