Monday, November 30, 2009

My Dearest WOZQ

Its been a few months now since I have left my life at Smith College for ladies, and oh how hard it has been. Since graduating in May its been rare for more than a few days to pass without thinking back to the place I called home for four years. But wouldn't you know it- guess what I miss most. Well of course my one and only lovely WOZQ 91.9 fm. I currently find myself living up in the majestic rockies and trying to find my way around the mountain town of boulder CO. And for all the modern amenities this town boasts one thing is most definitely and clearly missing: a music scene that empowers women and female bodied citizens and queers and lovers through the wonders of community and radio and music. So keep on fighting that good fight my friends because there is still so much to be done.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Welcome all old & new WOZQerz to a brand new year at Smith! I'm sad to be missing out on this years dirt/radio festivities, but I promise to keep in touch while I'm away. I'll do my best to keep you all posted on the music scene across the pond!!

Kill it on air.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Fake the Funk

So coming out a very full finals period I'd like to share some wisdom on music. My dear and lovely across the hall neighbor utilized the genius feature on iTunes (I don't use it; too lazy to figure it out, figuring it out will be one of my summer goals) and last night as I sat down to write my seminar paper I was surrounded by the wonderful sounds of 90s pop music (Backstreet, NSYNC, Christina, Spice Girls, etc) and it was glorious.

These sweet jams are too often considered "guilty pleasures". To that I say don't fake the funk. If you like it, enjoy it and own it. Yeah people will judge but people judge everything. You need haters to survive, what type of diva would you be without them. Don't let them shame your music taste though.

Go turn on all those Now! CDs you got when people used to actually by CDs. Now! 1-1000? Sure. Sometimes you just need it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


For you music festival fans: it's finally here! The Lollapalooza lineup for 2009!
Check out the Lollapalooza site for more information on who's playing, how to buy tickets, and all that fun stuff.

Here's part of the Lollapalooza Lineup 2009 - for the rest, visit the site

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watch Me Shake My Fanny in My Iced Out Panties

Here's is a small list of my favorite diva jams to get ready to, do dance to, to live by, etc. Enjoy.

Beyonce-Freakum Dress + Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix)

(here's to you, Michelle + that one time on BET)

So whether you love her or hate her, tired of being sent youtube interpretations of Single Ladies, and still blown away by this ridiculous alter ego, the one + only Sasha Fierce--you have to give it up to B and her album B'day (deluxe edition) offering the world two perfect diva tracks, Freakum Dress + Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Freakum Dress, any time I'm getting ready to go out this song needs to be playing.

Get Me Bodied on the other hand is perfect to dance to with your favorite fellow diva, sup feather, and Naomi Campbell walk all over the place, pushing bitches out of the way and being major.

Lady Gaga-Love Game (Kelvin Nicolas Remix)

Gaga, GooGoo, BlahBlah, whatever you want to call her she's another one you either love or hate, but I have to give it up to the Kelvin Nicolas Remix to Gaga's Love Game. Hands down, it's awesome. It lacks those long and drawn out intro/outros the remixes do or annoying loops.

Whatever your orientation, when the song comes on everyone wants to ride a disco stick.

En Vogue-Free Your Mind + My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)


Feather + I both want to pole dance to Free Your Mind. It's the perfect song to get a message across while dancing as sexy as you want to be.
I wear tight clothing and high heel shoes it doesnt make me a prostitute...I might date another race or color/Doesnt mean I dont like my strong/Black brothers
...words to live by.

As for My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It), another jam with a message. I love the breakdown.

Donna Summer-Last Dance

I really love this song. Story: The first time I heard this song was watching Family Matters, (remember that one) and Donna Summer was a special guest playing someone's geeky cousin and she gets a makeover + performs karaoke to this song and everyone drops jaw because they didn't know she could sing. Oh girl, that's when I knew.

Cassie-Me + You

Oh high school, I loved this song + even put it on a mix for an ex. So good. Thoughts on the new hair though?

Madonna-Material Girl

Personal favorite of DJ Boyfriend. It's lovely.

Kylie Minogue-Slow (MONSTR Remix)

This remix is sexxxy and I listen to it whenever I want to put on the "you want me" face before going out (so I listen to it everyday)

Eartha Kitt-I Want to Be Evil

The song that inspired this post. I don't remember when I came across this song but the minute I did I was hooked. It's the perfect song to drink and be bad to. Nothing's better.


take it easy divas.

Raphael Saadiq

So it's been a minute since I've last had something to say. I always have lots to say but today will be focused on the beautiful Raphael Saadiq ( sexy can I?). He just performed on the Bravo's award ceremony (I have lots of time on my hands, clearly reading various blogs and watching tv but anyway).

If you haven't heard him, check him out. His latest album, The Way I See It, is amazing and takes it back to the old-school soul/jazz-y sounds.

My favorite song off the album is Just One Kiss.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


A few weeks ago Grace and I interviewed E-603! Here's a photomontage that's bound to give you the giggles. Not surprisingly, Grace forgot to turn on the volume during the recording, so we had to be creative and use my backup lo-fi tape recorder and pick a few choice stills.

Hope you enjoy. There are a few surprises dispersed throughout the lengthy but enriching 19 minutes, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out his sweet tunes @

Phoebe and Grace

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Make sure to catch WOZQ Party DJ's upcoming event '93 TIL INFINITY on Saturday, April 11 from 10 pm to 1 am in the Campus Center Carroll room! It will be a 90s hip-hop themed dance party, with special guest dj RADIO ROSE.

Radio Rose is a freelance stylist, as well as fashion editor for Missbehave Magazine. In between styling music videos and fashion shoots, Radio Rose runs the blog AroundTheWayGirls and DJs at the hottest clubs all over NYC. You can check out her MySpace here and an interview with here here. This is one party you definitely don't want to miss! Best of all, it's FREE for all Smith students and only $3 for non-students, so tell all your friends and get ready for a hot tribute to the music you grew up with!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

An evening with Bishop Allen


On Thursday April 2nd,  Bishop Allen brought their unique and upbeat pop rock to the fine people of Northampton. With warmer weather on the way, it seemed the perfect timing for this group of fun-loving twenty somethings to leave us feeling warm and fuzzy after caressing our eardrums with the perfect dose of energetic and accessibly catchy tunes. Before the show, I got a chance to chat with founders and front-men Christian Rudder and Justin Rice who shared their enthusiasm for crafting the perfect pop song, thoughts on embracing the label of DIY, and spoke about their past and present film projects. 

How would you describe your sound?

Justin Rice: I don’t know. I think that we tend to really focus on songs and in my heart I believe that songs tend to be succinct. I think that a lot of our songs try to move quickly, cover a lot of ground and complete their task in a short amount of time and to contain as much energy and enthusiasm as they can possibly can. I mean, that being said, I think we're a pop band. The things that I think we [sound like are what we] listen to most—like 60's pop records. You know, like The Kinks or The Rolling Stones and things like that. But I mean it doesn’t sound dated, I hope. [We sound] sort of like new interpretations or like the attempt to craft a perfect set of pop songs.

Do you guys consider yourself a part of DIY culture?

Christian Rudder: Um yeah. I mean in a lot of ways we are. Definitely Justin and I grew up that way, for sure. I think we're a lot more DIY than lots of bands that are our size—not that we're very big. Yeah we are, but at the same time there’s things that when I was 18 I would have thought are just hopelessly not DIY, like having songs in commercials and stuff like that. But by and large, I'd have to say that we are pretty DIY. We're about as DIY as a band can get these days and still do it as your job— it's too much to do all on your own at a certain point.

I really like the artwork for your new album, Grrr.... Who did it?
CR: Darby [Nowatka, the newest addition to the band] does all of the artwork.

What have you been listening to lately?

JR: We just went on tour with a band that I really like called The Miniature Tigers, they're really good. These guys too—Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band [the evening's opening act]. I've been enjoying listening to their songs every single night and I've started to really get it which always takes me a little bit of time to understand songs. We've just listened to the new Grizzly Bear record a bunch and it's really good.

I haven’t heard it yet.

JR: I mean- It's something else. It's like really well crafted and is evidence of great ability, and I don’t always like that but I do like it on that record. A lot of the bands that we end up listening to are the bands that we go on tour with and can see every night and sort of understand what they're going for and get their energy—and get to see them live a lot.

CR: We've also been listening to the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album a lot.

If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive who would it be?

JR: I don't know. Like there are people that I wish I had written songs like. Probably Ray Davies from The Kinks. But I don't know if he'd actually be good to collaborate with. I’ve never seen him collaborate with anyone. I get the feeling he'd be a steamroller, not in a bad way. So, David Byrne. He seems like he can collaborate.

What are you favorite and least favorite aspects of being on tour?

JR: Playing music is definitely the best. There's actually a really small fraction of time in a given day when you're actually playing and you have to love that. And I do. That’s the most exciting moment- when you actually get up there and its time to play. The worst part is just like all the down time, you know. We've gotten way better at using it and being able to not just turn dead from down time. Most of the time you're carrying stuff or parking or waiting around or driving and that stuff can be really rough until you figure out how to not let it just deaden you.

What do when you're not making music?

CR: I mean this really pretty much takes up almost all my time but, I kind of work at a website sometimes that I started with some friends from school a long time ago—it’s like a dating website, its called OkCupid.

JR: I read a shit ton.

Oh what do you read?

JR: Well, I just finished this newly translated book by Roberto Bolano called 2666. He's this Chilean writer—he wrote The Savage Detectives. He's kind of the hot shit right now but this new book is really, really good. Then I got this science fiction book that I don’t really like called Consider Phlebas.


Yeah. [pauses & laughs] I don’t know. But I continue to read it. It's like I’m compulsively reading it even though I don’t really like it. And then I just got this book, The 39 Steps, that I'm reading now. Right before I left I finished this book called Son of the Morning Star which is a history of Little Big Horn but really, really compelling. So it's kind of like whatever I can get my hands on. I feel like there are so many books that are really good that I haven’t gotten around to that I keep meaning to. When i'm home I read like five books a week. When I'm not doing anything else, I like sit down in the morning and read all day. [pauses] Like a college student.

So I'm a fan of both of your movies—Funny Haha and Mutual Appreciation. Do you have any plans to do any more film work or acting?

CR: Oh cool, thank you. I don’t. I just did Funny Haha just because, you know, Andrew [Bujalski, the director] was one of the people we lived with on Bishop Allen Drive. He wrote this movie while we were living there and was like, "hey I want to shoot it, why don’t you guys be in it?" And so we were all like "ok fine," you know. So, yeah, a lot of that was shot at my apartment and it was kind of just a coincidence of being around. But Andrew lives in Austin now and is working with other people and it's just nothing i've ever pursued. Justin has been in a few commercials and has like two movies coming out in New York next week. He shot like five movies last year that are all just kind of coming out now. So I know he does that kind of stuff all the time. That’s kind of what he does [when he’s not playing in the band]. But me—no.

JR: Awesome, thanks. There are several that I shot last year that are just starting to come out. the first is called Alexander the Last which just premiered at SXSW and is now available on demand. [It] iis also having a limited theatrical release at the same time—like they’re trying something new where they can press all of the windows into one moment so its like: on demand, festivals, and theatres at the same time. It just premired in New York, Chicago and at SXSW. And then there's another one called Harmony & Me, which also our bass player's in, which is how I met him, [and it's] showing at the MoMA tomorrow and later this week and it's starting to play at festivals. So Harmony & Me and Alexander the Last—those are the two that I did last year that are starting to come out.

Did you just act in them?

I mean they were both pretty collaborative and they involved a lot of like working out scenes and lines on the fly. And so while I did not direct them, it wasn’t like a strict act-out-this-scene-that-already-exists type of movie. It wasn’t quite normal acting, it was more improvised.

What advice do you have for college students who also want to make music?

JR: Do it. I mean for us it really is that simple. If you want to make music, just make music and don’t stop. Just keep recording and writing songs. And that’s the most important thing, you know. Anything else you hear or anything else you can figure out, that’s okay. The most important thing is to just keep making new songs.

CR: Um, I don’t know. It's pretty tough. I never really thought I would end up being a musician. It was not really ever a goal so its hard for me to say what you need to do get there, but I really wouldn’t take it very seriously—and don’t take college very seriously either because college as it turns out is really just pretty bunk. I guess just try to learn as much about life as you can.

Bishop Allen's newest album Grrr... is out now. You can purchase the album or download select songs for free from their website:

Also, check out the trailers for Justin's new films below: 


Monday, March 30, 2009

if you hate the song, i don't blame you. my mom used to play it on repeat in the station wagon when i was young sprout. thanks, tal. just plug your ears and watch the magic unfold.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

SXSW Clips

Visit the following YouTube channels to see some great interviews and performances by some of the SXSW Music participants. ENJOY.






Friday, March 13, 2009


Spring break has come for those of us at the 5-colleges in the Pioneer Valley.
Here are a few things to help you keep going without your usual WOZQ tune-in.

Stream Metric
Stereogum has just posted a wonderful little web stream of Metric's new album Fantasies. Go to Metric's website to look at more information on pre-ordering the new upcoming release.

Metric - Fantasies

Keep yourself updated with the latest in film, media, and upcoming acts in music by checking up on SXSW's site. There will be plenty of sources loading up videos via youtube, and maybe even some streaming. For more updates, keep coming back here to the DIRT blog throughout the weekend and all next week. Like most years, we will be seeing a bunch of great acts thanks to this wonderful festival. Here's a list some of the music acts that'll be at SXSW:

Ra Ra Riot (Syracuse, NY)
Gabriella Cilmi (AUSTRALIA)
Ximena Sariñara (Mexico City, MEXICO)
Primal Scream (Glasgow SCOTLAND/UK)
Friendly Fires (St Albans, ENGLAND/UK)
B.o.B (Atlanta, GA)
Sage Francis (Providence, RI)
Buraka Som Sistema (Lisbon, PORTUGAL)
Arc Angels (Austin, TX)
Courteeners (Manchester, England/UK)
Raul Malo (Nashville, TN)
8Ball & MJG (Memphis, TN)
Reflection Eternal (New York, NY/Cincinnati, OH)
Wale (Washington, DC)
Ben Harper and Relentless7 (Los Angeles, CA)

click here for the entire SXSW music schedule.

Friday mix
Download a little 8-bit medley, courtesy of First Up!.

8-bit HipHop medley



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

light up your life

feast your eyes

nite jewel + eric hnatow + triangle forest
tonight! 7pm! davis ballroom! 5 bones, that's it!

stream wozq all day to catch triangle forest & nite jewel on-air this afternoon before the show; if you missed eric hnatow on-air yesterday you can see him live (even better!). you know when.

be there. we mean it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Local talent

If you're into Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros., and The Hood Internet, this listen's for you. E-603 has been jammin' out way before coming to the lovely Pioneer Valley, but put out his self-released album Something for Everyone in 2008. He's a chill guy, and knows how to jam out with those thick black rimmed spex of his. Check out on his myspace, web site or on You can download Something for Everyone off his website. Updates on his works in progess will be coming soon. ENJOY.

E-603 - Something For Everyone


shhh, don't say a thing

just move your body

nite jewel + eric hnatow + triangle forest
THIS WEDNESDAY, march 11th
davis ballroom (smith college-behind cutter-ziskind house)
doors at 7pm, $3 advance/$5 door

click back at for more videos in the next hours as the prettiest, most dancey night of your 2009 lives approaches


Monday, March 9, 2009

For a mundane monday

Haven't posted a download on here a in while, so here's a lovely little tune for that melodic side of your music tastes. This one's by Ezra Furman & the Harpoons off of their album Inside the Human Body. The album's a good listen if you're into a laid back-leaning-towards-alt.-folk-ish kind of band. Thanks to, you may DOWNLOAD + ENJOY.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons - We Should Fight

Monday, March 2, 2009

This is helpful.

THE SHIFT video podcast with DJ Raw and DJ Rev. We got haircuts.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

a message from the Flywheel...

Yes Flywheel is still here and gearing up to reopen this spring! But we need your green to do it!

Construction is set to begin on our new 1500sqft space. But that shit is expensive yo! So how about have some fun and support Flywheel at the same time!

Come to the APE Gallery on Main St in Northampton this coming Tuesday March 3rd at 7:30 and hang out with Thurston Moore and Byron Coley as they sign books and ruminate on their photo documentary of the No Wave music scene of the late 1970s in NYC.

Music by DJ12XU and video footage will also be served.

Admission is free, but we will be taking donations for our ongoing renovations. Bring your checkbooks or your penny jar and help us get this party started!



the flywheel arts collective is volunteer-run, non-profit artspace in easthampton complete with a zine library (<3333), a café, a sizable board game collection and, of course, a space for live music!! in the past couple of years, it has been in a weird sort of limbo between its original location on holyoke street to the old historic town hall! the flywheel is a wonderful, wonderful space for the pioneer valley--please attend this event and support its re-opening!!

The Flywheel Arts Collective

Monday, February 23, 2009

yet another...

RAC mix to download. If you were into Robyn's self-titled album, you might appreciate this. The RAC gang will be posting up more mixes soon. Some mixes you can keep an eye out for will be of artists like Mates of State, So Many Dynamos, Kaiser Chiefs, and others. Enjoy this one for now.

Robyn - Cobrastyle (RAC mix)

Friday, February 20, 2009

remix for your weekend

Andre Anjos from Remix Artist Collective (RAC) posted a new playlist online yesterday. It might help you out if you're stumped for a chill minimix for this weekend. The mix can be accessed through the link below. User discretion advised. ENJOY.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Los Angeles is (finally) big enough for the both of us

For those of you not in the know, your very own Beelzebub von Wünderbang/DJ Dr. Benway/WOZQ Webslave is in Los Angeles this semester for some R&R.

But, since I run this xit, I still get to blog. (THE POWER!)

As awesome as Northampton is in terms of providing opportunities for live music, few places can beat the total badassitude of Los Angeles. On Valentine's Day, I saw the inimitable Mael brothers perform their latest album Exotic Creatures of the Deep and their 1974 classic Kimono My House at UCLA's Royce Hall.

I love Sparks. Russell and Ron Mael provide the perfect combination of cheese, humor, weirdness, electronica, rock and roll, and performative awesomeness. For those of you unfamiliar with these Los Angeles natives, the Maels have been putting out music since the 70's. The 21 albums were written almost entirely by the stern, mustached, elder brother, Ron, who rarely speaks or smiles from behind his Roland synthesizer. Russell, the charismatic singer, proved last night that he can still leap about and sing falsetto like a pre-pubescent boy (in spite of being in his mid 50's).

They started the show with Exotic Creatures of the Deep, a really weird and very funny album. Highly stagey, including a few numbers performed by (I'm assuming) female members of the UCLA dance department, they kept us entertained. The album pales in comparison to Kimono, but there were some great songs. "The Director Never Yelled Cut" was really weird, really long, and really rather creepy. "Let the Monkey Drive" had a similar quality, though it was funnier. The title "Lighten Up Morrissey" promises more than it delivers, sadly, but I was quite tickled by Steven's silhouette in the background. "Photoshop" was also brilliant. Ron Mael pretended to play a projected animated piano that was constantly being stretched and rotated in Photoshop, much to the audience's amusement while his brother sang "Photoshop me out of your life." I had a great time, but the best was yet to come.

After a brief intermission (during which I scored a free carton of cigarettes and a Sparks pin), we went back inside for the main event: Kimono My House, their glam/electric/proto-new wave/powerpop masterpiece. It's funny, it's beautiful and it makes you want to get up and dance. Russell didn't miss a single word or note. He explained how happy he was to play the songs to an audience in LA who finally liked it, recalling how "weird" people thought it was when they would play Kimono material in the 1980's. The set ended, as the album does, with "Equator," which was "ending" for at least a few minutes. They did a remarkable job. For their hefty encore, they invited all of us to get out of our seats and move to the front of the theater. They played a nice block of hits (the highlight of which was indubitably "Dick Around") and said goodbye.

But honestly, the fact that the music was so good, that the brothers Mael are so fucking funny, that the band of young long-hairs they got to accompany them were having such a great time, that the performative gimmicks were so cheesy and yet so entertaining-- these were not the aspects of the show that really struck me. What I thought was so fascinating, and also so moving, was the incredible turnout. Royce Hall, with its capacity of about 1800, was completely full.

I took the bus from Hollywood and found myself not only among the usual commuters and sleeping homeless people smelling of piss, but also a group of New Yorkers who, I kid you not, flew out just for the show. They were the types you might expect to see at a They Might Be Giants concert. Also on my bus was a gorgeous couple who live downtown. She was quite rockabilly with her bleach blonde lady-pomp, false eyelashes and tight clothes, while he was just pretty, with long matching platinum locks and a velvet blazer. In Los Angeles, one of the unfriendliest cities in the world (particularly when it comes to music people-- if you don't believe me, I can point you in the direction of some of the hipper live music venues [disclaimer: two of which I have frequented and have often found nice people]), it is quite a trip to go to a show and meet so many buddies for one evening. I met another very fashionable couple who had driven down all the way from Seattle.

All of Los Angeles (and portions of the rest of the country as well) was represented, from aging fans of the Angst in My Pants days (and their young, gorgeous girlfriends) to 20-something hipsters in tight jeans to chubby nerds with acne to the avant-garde elite to little kids with their parents. And everyone was friendly. Something about the silliness of it all, the fact that the crowd was so diverse, that we could all be united by a common sensibility knocked down our pretensions for one night.

For those of you who missed out, don't worry. Their 21-part London concert series during which they played their entire ouvre is online somewhere.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm typically months or even years behind the latest trends in music so I don't know if this video is already old hat, but HOLY GOD this makes me happy.

If I could be someone else for a day, I would be that guy in the front. And the only thing I would do for that entire day would be to do that dance to this song. Also, Yelle, will you be my girlfriend?

just another monday

Thought you all could use a few nice downloads to start off your week.

Some Canadian stuff for ya, eh?
Thanks to the lovely DJ REV aka A.Raife, I downloaded the latest Metric leak, the acoustic version of their song Help I'm Alive. Their new album FANTASIES hits stores in the U.S. April 14th, 2009. The last we heard from Metric was back in 2007 when they re-released their album Grow Up and Blow Away, so it's nice to see the band back on the map. For more information on the band, visit their site and their myspace.

Metric - Help I'm Alive (Acoustic)
Metric - Help I'm Alive

L.A. Status
Bodies of Water is a great little band based out of Los Angeles. They've got a haunting sound at times, but with a chamber-music twist. Strange combo, I know. Apparently they're great live, so if you're ever down for a random show, check 'em out. Here's a couple songs off of their latest album A Certain Feeling released under Secretly Canadian. Enjoy.

Bodies of Water - Water Here
Bodies of Water - Gold, Tan, Peach and Grey

Le Disco
I'm a big fan of the "nu-disco"music blog by the record label VALERIE. They've always got something good posted. My latest favorite is this track by College, remixed by Keenhouse. Dance to it.

College - I Think About It (Keenhouse Remix)


Keep checking out this blog for more downloads this semester, and of course keep listening to WOZQ. Peace.

THE SHIFT video podcast

This is really just a YouTube video that we made using the built-in camera on my computer, but we're calling it a podcast. Technology rulez.

Listen to us in real time on Fridays from 6-8 am. And if you think that's whack, just wait for more podcasts.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

hunx and his hamburger heaven

seth bogart AKA Hunx has done a lot of good for the world, dropping beats without fail for everyone and anyone to sweat up to. hailing from oakland, california, seth has fed our hamburger hungry hearts with a wide variety of fabulous, queer musical ventures, ranging from the infamous Gravy Train!!! and the Knock-Ups to the lesser known but nevertheless radical Panty Raid, Baby Jail and a Michael Jackson cover band called Dangerous. Seth Bogard is probably the sweetest dude ever; in high skool, my friends and I often brought him slices of pizza after his shows—every piece a token of our utmost appreciation. through his beats, he gave us all a place to dance; no matter who you were, what you looked like or who you liked, if you wanted to work it, you totally could at his shows—it was like he built us our own club house, full of snacks (cheetos), spliffz and swinging hips.
and now Seth Bogart has done it again. When he isn’t dishing out fashion advice or snipping bangs at oakland’s wonderful thrift boutique Down at Lulu’s, you can catch him playin’ with his new band, HUNX AND HIS PUNX.

“gimmie gimmie back your love”

i personally like the bubble letters, the oversized lipstick and lyrics like “let’s go buy some snacks, let’s go drinking by the tracks.”
oh Seth Bogart, i totally would. and i’d buy you some extra fries too.


AND part 4 of Queer Youth Tv’s Queercore (co-directed by Alex Hinton and Bret Berg)—featuring Seth Bogart!!!! (don't miss the other 3 episodes, ps.!!!!):

Hunx and His Punx myspace

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I got ninety six tears in my ninety six eyes.

Lux Interior (aka Erick Purkhiser) died on February 4th 2009 from a pre-existing heart condition

He is remembered by his wife Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace).

Their band The Cramps defined the genre of pyschobilly and their iconic image of campy, horrific, sci-fi, fetishistic, witchy, dirty American rock will never be forgotten.

R.I.P Lux Interior


RIP Lux Interior (1946-2009)

Man, we've lost a lot of greats recently. Levi Stubbs in October, Ron Asheton in January, and as of yesterday at 4 AM Pacific, Lux Interior, the lead singer of the Cramps.

The Cramps were a great fucking band. Punk rock you can twist and grind to. The music was funny, it was sexy, it was campy and it was great. A decrepit drive-in movie decked out in leopard print and red lipstick, hopped up on speed and ready to fuck shit up...but also totally aware of its absurdity.

When I think of the Cramps, I think of two things. The first one is riding in my friend's old Mercedez my senior year of high school. On beautiful California afternoons, stoned out of our minds, we'd drive to our favorite burger stand after school, blasting the Cramps the whole way there. With a Marlboro red hanging out of my mouth, my head moving to the beat of "Goo Goo Muck," I felt cooler than I'd ever felt before. The other thing I think of, oddly enough, is WOZQ. I think of subbing late-night shows with DJ Löwenbräu, turning out the lights, pumping up the studio speakers, and dancing like crazy to "Rock on the Moon" until we had to stop for fear of a heart attack.

So whatever your beliefs are, say a prayer, light a candle, pour some champagne onto the floor, or just do what I did, put on Songs the Lord Taught Us as loud as your speakers can go, turn off all the lights, put your inhibitions in a jar, and cut a fucking rug. Invite your friends. Go crazy.

RIP Lux, you are already sorely missed, but wherever you are, I hope you know that your music will be making sweaty boys and girls gasp desperately for breath, clutching their chests, in college radio stations, bedrooms, backyards, etc. until the end of time.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

"It's bigger than hip hop" -Dead Prez

Call it inspiration from America's new changes in power but the former urban department of WOZQ is now REVOLUTIONS. Echoing Dead Prez, it's bigger than hip hop. Revolutions encompasses what links all the various genres within the department, the music is revolutionary. Before (and still for some other stations) urban was the safe term for essentially what was not white indie music or world music. Music is more than that. Yes, music like R&B, hip hop, reggae, jazz, etc. has come out of Black culture but has greatly evolved to include all types of artists, listeners, and DJs from all over, not just urban centers. From Billie to Lauryn, all those in between, all those in the game today, and the others to come, Revolutions will work to give it all to ya.

Keep it locked to wozq 91.9 or webstream to hear what revolution sounds like.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i don't pretend to know a lot about music, because i don't. but most of the time i know what i like, and music as my entire life means that what i like is determined by
1. sound
2. style and
3. level of obscurity

basically, i still listen like i'm twelve years old. but it's great; i dont' want that to change!

so in my j-term haze i've scribbled a list of "if you like______, you'd probably like ____" or a rather juvenile "_____ is really big, but _______ is way better." just my opinions, don't get too upset.

in terms of boy-girl duo attractiveness and fierce indie whatever i would rather hear
Prinzhorn Dance School over The Kills any day of the week. No recording could convey the incredible energy they have when they are on stage; they tear it up, and they've got mad style. I would argue, too, that they take themselves less seriously (plus!) Here's a video because I dig 'em so much. You "be the judge" if you'd like

Dirty Projectors over Animal Collective, "Merriweather Post Pavilion" was great the first few times through but to be honest I think it pales in comparison to all their previous albums. But I'm constantly re-impressed by Dirty Projector projects--on aesthetic levels too. I'll let you google for yourselves.

Takagi Masakatsu over Four Tet. The running theme is preferring acts who have a strong visual and aesthetic identity, too. Masakatsu makes great videos. Four Tet is good yeah, but haven't we all had enough Four Tet?!!!

Digitalism over Justice (neither less obscure than the other, I would argue) but my JYA bias and decades of musical evidence compel me to say, that no one can outdo the Germans when it comes to electronic music.

The Buddha Machine (first one! more novel than the second!) ambient loops played out of a cheap plastic box manufactured in China and sold for 1000x its value because of its hipster-appeal. I love it! It's worth it despite child labor and the toxic effects of manufacturing things out of shit plastic. Isn't this the concept of all entrepreneurial endeavors aimed at the weak-charactered among us?? (American Apparel--I'm looking at you and your reluctance to allow your workers to unionize.) Whatever, I love it!
Google it. Buy it.

yet preferred overrrr

iPods, and iPod phones for that matter. I know everyone has friends whose physical and emotional attachment to these sleek things make them less human.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Radio v. MTV

Last night after watching the first episode of the Real World Brooklyn I never felt so old. Though I was caught up in the "straight" Mormon boy from SLC in his cardigan with no shirt on and the other story lines I couldn't help thinking back to the 90s when I was but a wee diva and would watch MTV for the music. Yeah there would be shows not really focused on music but you'd still have your TRL (THANK GOD that's over though) and various blocks of music.

What does the M in MTV stand for again? Music? Moronic? Who knows. Looking at their online schedule for today nothing is related to music, a little Bromance (eww), Parental Control and a True Life marathon (True Life I'm a Jersey Shore Girl is glorious though). Where do we find our music now? Those little clips of music during commerical breaks or scene appropriate songs during shows? Music blogs? Radio? I'll go with radio. Maybe it's a bias but someone has been and needs to continue to pick up MTV's slack if they no longer want to provide the masses with actual music.

As always, Beyonce has the right idea: a little treat.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my 2008 in music

For me 2008 was all about old favorites mixed in with some great new albums. I kicked 2008 off obsessed with Neko Case, Blockhead and Songs: Ohia. Carribou’s Andorra and Beirut dominated as we got further away from winter and as spring came into full bloom it was She Keeps Bees all day every day. Summer meant Hope Sandoval, Crystal Castles, Dear Nora, and on my drive down to NC lots and lots of Wu-Tang. And so now I am pleased to present to you my top five loves of fall 2008, which also all happened to have been released at some point during the glorious year that was 2008. Here here!

5. She Keeps Bees - Nests: Oh how I love Jessica Larabee and Andy Leplant. If you didn’t catch them here at Smith you seriously missed out. But fear not! You can experience a bit of the magic by taking a daily dose of Nests. Gritty, emotional, and powerful from start to finish, Nests is truly great. And lets not forget Larabee’s intoxicating voice, thank you very much.

4. Department of Eagles - In Ear Park: Truly a beautiful album, In Ear Park is what Daniel Rossen (from Grizzly Bear) does best. A collaborative effort with his college roommate and two other Grizzly Bear members, In Ear Park mixes dreamy lazy vocals with upbeat and infectious melodies. It’s sound art meets a full piece band complete with horns, banjos, and guitars. My favorite track would have to be “Teenagers.”

3. Juana Molina - Un Dia: Un Dia sounds like you found yourself in the woods at night surround by trumpeters, a drum circle, and a chorus of little girls. And there may or may not be someone banging on pots and pans. Juana Molina started her career as a Soap Opera star in Argentina. And now she writes and mixes songs that play like pieced together sound collages with a sinister undertone. This sinister element might have something to do with that chorus of what sounds like little girls. Not to mention the rather creepy album cover. But hey, that’s what she does. And she does it really really well.

2. Beach House - Devotion: Seriously though, could anybody argue with me on this one? I don’t think so.

1. Tobacco - Fucked up Friends: I can’t really remember my life before this album. Ok ok so perhaps that’s an exaggeration, and while I will be the first to admit the album has its flaws, a few key tracks are all I need to feel this intense love. “Side 8” is a heart-breaking masterpiece, “Backwoods altar” is perfection, and “Grease Wizard” ends the album on an electrifying note. Fucked Up Friends is a mixture of dark electronic sound (think key board, synth, tape machines), it’s rough around the edges, its got Aesop Rock on one of the tracks, and it kind of makes you want to dance and cry simultaneously (what could be better?) Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself (no, really):

and so into a new year of music we go. and just in case you are curious, so far 2009 has been all about vashit bunyan, madlib, and bibio.

so there you have it.