Monday, November 30, 2009

My Dearest WOZQ

Its been a few months now since I have left my life at Smith College for ladies, and oh how hard it has been. Since graduating in May its been rare for more than a few days to pass without thinking back to the place I called home for four years. But wouldn't you know it- guess what I miss most. Well of course my one and only lovely WOZQ 91.9 fm. I currently find myself living up in the majestic rockies and trying to find my way around the mountain town of boulder CO. And for all the modern amenities this town boasts one thing is most definitely and clearly missing: a music scene that empowers women and female bodied citizens and queers and lovers through the wonders of community and radio and music. So keep on fighting that good fight my friends because there is still so much to be done.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Welcome all old & new WOZQerz to a brand new year at Smith! I'm sad to be missing out on this years dirt/radio festivities, but I promise to keep in touch while I'm away. I'll do my best to keep you all posted on the music scene across the pond!!

Kill it on air.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Fake the Funk

So coming out a very full finals period I'd like to share some wisdom on music. My dear and lovely across the hall neighbor utilized the genius feature on iTunes (I don't use it; too lazy to figure it out, figuring it out will be one of my summer goals) and last night as I sat down to write my seminar paper I was surrounded by the wonderful sounds of 90s pop music (Backstreet, NSYNC, Christina, Spice Girls, etc) and it was glorious.

These sweet jams are too often considered "guilty pleasures". To that I say don't fake the funk. If you like it, enjoy it and own it. Yeah people will judge but people judge everything. You need haters to survive, what type of diva would you be without them. Don't let them shame your music taste though.

Go turn on all those Now! CDs you got when people used to actually by CDs. Now! 1-1000? Sure. Sometimes you just need it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


For you music festival fans: it's finally here! The Lollapalooza lineup for 2009!
Check out the Lollapalooza site for more information on who's playing, how to buy tickets, and all that fun stuff.

Here's part of the Lollapalooza Lineup 2009 - for the rest, visit the site

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watch Me Shake My Fanny in My Iced Out Panties

Here's is a small list of my favorite diva jams to get ready to, do dance to, to live by, etc. Enjoy.

Beyonce-Freakum Dress + Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix)

(here's to you, Michelle + that one time on BET)

So whether you love her or hate her, tired of being sent youtube interpretations of Single Ladies, and still blown away by this ridiculous alter ego, the one + only Sasha Fierce--you have to give it up to B and her album B'day (deluxe edition) offering the world two perfect diva tracks, Freakum Dress + Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Freakum Dress, any time I'm getting ready to go out this song needs to be playing.

Get Me Bodied on the other hand is perfect to dance to with your favorite fellow diva, sup feather, and Naomi Campbell walk all over the place, pushing bitches out of the way and being major.

Lady Gaga-Love Game (Kelvin Nicolas Remix)

Gaga, GooGoo, BlahBlah, whatever you want to call her she's another one you either love or hate, but I have to give it up to the Kelvin Nicolas Remix to Gaga's Love Game. Hands down, it's awesome. It lacks those long and drawn out intro/outros the remixes do or annoying loops.

Whatever your orientation, when the song comes on everyone wants to ride a disco stick.

En Vogue-Free Your Mind + My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)


Feather + I both want to pole dance to Free Your Mind. It's the perfect song to get a message across while dancing as sexy as you want to be.
I wear tight clothing and high heel shoes it doesnt make me a prostitute...I might date another race or color/Doesnt mean I dont like my strong/Black brothers
...words to live by.

As for My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It), another jam with a message. I love the breakdown.

Donna Summer-Last Dance

I really love this song. Story: The first time I heard this song was watching Family Matters, (remember that one) and Donna Summer was a special guest playing someone's geeky cousin and she gets a makeover + performs karaoke to this song and everyone drops jaw because they didn't know she could sing. Oh girl, that's when I knew.

Cassie-Me + You

Oh high school, I loved this song + even put it on a mix for an ex. So good. Thoughts on the new hair though?

Madonna-Material Girl

Personal favorite of DJ Boyfriend. It's lovely.

Kylie Minogue-Slow (MONSTR Remix)

This remix is sexxxy and I listen to it whenever I want to put on the "you want me" face before going out (so I listen to it everyday)

Eartha Kitt-I Want to Be Evil

The song that inspired this post. I don't remember when I came across this song but the minute I did I was hooked. It's the perfect song to drink and be bad to. Nothing's better.


take it easy divas.

Raphael Saadiq

So it's been a minute since I've last had something to say. I always have lots to say but today will be focused on the beautiful Raphael Saadiq ( sexy can I?). He just performed on the Bravo's award ceremony (I have lots of time on my hands, clearly reading various blogs and watching tv but anyway).

If you haven't heard him, check him out. His latest album, The Way I See It, is amazing and takes it back to the old-school soul/jazz-y sounds.

My favorite song off the album is Just One Kiss.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


A few weeks ago Grace and I interviewed E-603! Here's a photomontage that's bound to give you the giggles. Not surprisingly, Grace forgot to turn on the volume during the recording, so we had to be creative and use my backup lo-fi tape recorder and pick a few choice stills.

Hope you enjoy. There are a few surprises dispersed throughout the lengthy but enriching 19 minutes, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out his sweet tunes @

Phoebe and Grace