Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Fake the Funk

So coming out a very full finals period I'd like to share some wisdom on music. My dear and lovely across the hall neighbor utilized the genius feature on iTunes (I don't use it; too lazy to figure it out, figuring it out will be one of my summer goals) and last night as I sat down to write my seminar paper I was surrounded by the wonderful sounds of 90s pop music (Backstreet, NSYNC, Christina, Spice Girls, etc) and it was glorious.

These sweet jams are too often considered "guilty pleasures". To that I say don't fake the funk. If you like it, enjoy it and own it. Yeah people will judge but people judge everything. You need haters to survive, what type of diva would you be without them. Don't let them shame your music taste though.

Go turn on all those Now! CDs you got when people used to actually by CDs. Now! 1-1000? Sure. Sometimes you just need it.