Friday, December 19, 2008

Black is Beautiful

Despite the snow I'm in a surprisingly good mood so I've decided to share some beautiful Black eye candy that I enjoy looking at on a regular. Plus I just wrote a paper on race and representation so it's still in my system.

Toccarra Jones, my dream woman.

This is one of my favorite images and I plan to reproduce it (with myself of course) before 2010.

Black looks and Black lungs, so beautiful.

Snoop Doggy Diva.

My godmother.

Boy you so crazy! Prince, pre Jehovah Witness status.

Outkast, so beautiful.

"Naomi Campell walk.."

Jamaican Bobsled Team. Yes, Cool Runnings was the first movie I ever watched in theaters.

Biggie, too beautiful.

Keep yo man, I want yo hair.

(Urban takeover)

One last treat
(hint, this is my diva identity)

How could I forget America's new favorite Black eye candy? The adorable Barack and the Obamas. Three images for my mistake.

SO BEAUTIFUL. Countdown to January 20th? Yes.