Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Barack vs. Hillary, the musical edition

Beyonce-I am...Sasha Fierce. November 2008.

Britney Spears-Circus. December 2008.

JUST KIDDING. More like Beyonce vs. Britney. Recently Beyonce/Sasha Fierce released her latest work, I am..Sasha Fierce and today Britney released "the highly anticipated" Circus. I've heard leaks of some of the tracks off of both albums. "Single Ladies" is glorious but what (??!) is with "Diva", oh no boo boo. "Single Ladies" and "Diva" come from Beyonce's cooler side, Sasha Fierce. I have yet to hear stuff from Beyonce's part of the album (I am) but don't worry, I will tonight so a more complete review/judgment will come. Off of Circus I am in LOVE with "If You Seek Amy", the title track "Circus", "Kill the Lights", "Trouble", AND after a while "Womanizer" has grown on me. Brit Brit's winning, sorry Beyonce, and Sasha Fierce too. I know, I know, Beyonce is Black and now that we have a Black president-elect all Black people should be winning things, racism is over and Al Sharpton is worth listening to but c'mon let's give the white ladies something. Britney's album is what Hillary's campaign should have been: good.

Yeah, it's true, I can say what I want because "I'ma a diva, hey, I'ma a diva, hey...diva is a female version of a hustla...".

Why should you listen to both albums? Let these photos explain

1. Because Britney loves and supports the Black/Asian drag community. (I wish I knew what the rest of that outfit was.)

2. Because Beyonce loves the animals and wants to remind you to save the Everglades.

3. Because Britney loves this blessed country.

4/5/6. Because Beyonce likes to dress gay Black men up as angels (or extras in her Single Ladies video, SO GOOD) and because Beyonce loves everyone's main man, G-O-D AND she pretends to cry, yes FAKE CRIES, during the performance of this song.

A final treat:

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