Sunday, February 15, 2009

hunx and his hamburger heaven

seth bogart AKA Hunx has done a lot of good for the world, dropping beats without fail for everyone and anyone to sweat up to. hailing from oakland, california, seth has fed our hamburger hungry hearts with a wide variety of fabulous, queer musical ventures, ranging from the infamous Gravy Train!!! and the Knock-Ups to the lesser known but nevertheless radical Panty Raid, Baby Jail and a Michael Jackson cover band called Dangerous. Seth Bogard is probably the sweetest dude ever; in high skool, my friends and I often brought him slices of pizza after his shows—every piece a token of our utmost appreciation. through his beats, he gave us all a place to dance; no matter who you were, what you looked like or who you liked, if you wanted to work it, you totally could at his shows—it was like he built us our own club house, full of snacks (cheetos), spliffz and swinging hips.
and now Seth Bogart has done it again. When he isn’t dishing out fashion advice or snipping bangs at oakland’s wonderful thrift boutique Down at Lulu’s, you can catch him playin’ with his new band, HUNX AND HIS PUNX.

“gimmie gimmie back your love”

i personally like the bubble letters, the oversized lipstick and lyrics like “let’s go buy some snacks, let’s go drinking by the tracks.”
oh Seth Bogart, i totally would. and i’d buy you some extra fries too.


AND part 4 of Queer Youth Tv’s Queercore (co-directed by Alex Hinton and Bret Berg)—featuring Seth Bogart!!!! (don't miss the other 3 episodes, ps.!!!!):

Hunx and His Punx myspace

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