Thursday, January 29, 2009

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

"It's bigger than hip hop" -Dead Prez

Call it inspiration from America's new changes in power but the former urban department of WOZQ is now REVOLUTIONS. Echoing Dead Prez, it's bigger than hip hop. Revolutions encompasses what links all the various genres within the department, the music is revolutionary. Before (and still for some other stations) urban was the safe term for essentially what was not white indie music or world music. Music is more than that. Yes, music like R&B, hip hop, reggae, jazz, etc. has come out of Black culture but has greatly evolved to include all types of artists, listeners, and DJs from all over, not just urban centers. From Billie to Lauryn, all those in between, all those in the game today, and the others to come, Revolutions will work to give it all to ya.

Keep it locked to wozq 91.9 or webstream to hear what revolution sounds like.