Saturday, January 10, 2009


i don't pretend to know a lot about music, because i don't. but most of the time i know what i like, and music as my entire life means that what i like is determined by
1. sound
2. style and
3. level of obscurity

basically, i still listen like i'm twelve years old. but it's great; i dont' want that to change!

so in my j-term haze i've scribbled a list of "if you like______, you'd probably like ____" or a rather juvenile "_____ is really big, but _______ is way better." just my opinions, don't get too upset.

in terms of boy-girl duo attractiveness and fierce indie whatever i would rather hear
Prinzhorn Dance School over The Kills any day of the week. No recording could convey the incredible energy they have when they are on stage; they tear it up, and they've got mad style. I would argue, too, that they take themselves less seriously (plus!) Here's a video because I dig 'em so much. You "be the judge" if you'd like

Dirty Projectors over Animal Collective, "Merriweather Post Pavilion" was great the first few times through but to be honest I think it pales in comparison to all their previous albums. But I'm constantly re-impressed by Dirty Projector projects--on aesthetic levels too. I'll let you google for yourselves.

Takagi Masakatsu over Four Tet. The running theme is preferring acts who have a strong visual and aesthetic identity, too. Masakatsu makes great videos. Four Tet is good yeah, but haven't we all had enough Four Tet?!!!

Digitalism over Justice (neither less obscure than the other, I would argue) but my JYA bias and decades of musical evidence compel me to say, that no one can outdo the Germans when it comes to electronic music.

The Buddha Machine (first one! more novel than the second!) ambient loops played out of a cheap plastic box manufactured in China and sold for 1000x its value because of its hipster-appeal. I love it! It's worth it despite child labor and the toxic effects of manufacturing things out of shit plastic. Isn't this the concept of all entrepreneurial endeavors aimed at the weak-charactered among us?? (American Apparel--I'm looking at you and your reluctance to allow your workers to unionize.) Whatever, I love it!
Google it. Buy it.

yet preferred overrrr

iPods, and iPod phones for that matter. I know everyone has friends whose physical and emotional attachment to these sleek things make them less human.


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