Thursday, January 8, 2009

Radio v. MTV

Last night after watching the first episode of the Real World Brooklyn I never felt so old. Though I was caught up in the "straight" Mormon boy from SLC in his cardigan with no shirt on and the other story lines I couldn't help thinking back to the 90s when I was but a wee diva and would watch MTV for the music. Yeah there would be shows not really focused on music but you'd still have your TRL (THANK GOD that's over though) and various blocks of music.

What does the M in MTV stand for again? Music? Moronic? Who knows. Looking at their online schedule for today nothing is related to music, a little Bromance (eww), Parental Control and a True Life marathon (True Life I'm a Jersey Shore Girl is glorious though). Where do we find our music now? Those little clips of music during commerical breaks or scene appropriate songs during shows? Music blogs? Radio? I'll go with radio. Maybe it's a bias but someone has been and needs to continue to pick up MTV's slack if they no longer want to provide the masses with actual music.

As always, Beyonce has the right idea: a little treat.


c.danger said...

maybe it stands for mo? as in homo? yesss. lets hope. heres to the new real world!

Kia said...

i'm going to go with moronic...because it's true and because i rarely get the chance to use that word. honestly there are no real music channels left that aren't exclusively available on digital or satellite cable.

hmmm maybe i should get into this radio thing...