Friday, October 3, 2008

"Dear Science," you've done it.

yesterday, alex b. hit on something important: even though there's a lot of foolishness abound in the news, we can't lose sight of what's important. and for me, that's the fact that tv on the radio dropped their third album last week. i know, i know; why write about this band whose single "staring at the sun" mtv so mercilessly sank their mainstream teeth into? i have been literally unable to listen to anything but this album since yesterday when i got it, particularly a track called "Stork & Owl". while this album lacks the cohesive sound of 2004's "desperate youth, bloodthirsty babes," each track is beautiful in its own way (save for "dancing choose" and "red dress" which i found quite irritating and are coincidentally the more political tracks). the mixed format works and really, aren't we sick of albums that start strong but get slow at the end? i mean, i am. other favorites on the album include "family tree" and the more upbeat "dlz".