Thursday, October 2, 2008

The spookiest month...

YES! It's October! That means Halloween.

Even though it only gets to be Halloween for one day at the very, very end of the month, we get 30 days of Halloween pre-gaming. A trip to CVS is made spookier by motion-detected novelty items in the seasonal section. Mini candies now come in orange and black wrappers. Theme parks become HAAUUUUNNNTEEDDD.

October rules.

One thing I wish, though, is that people got more into the musical spirit of Halloween all October long, kind of like they do for Xmas. There is so much cool music you could play for Halloween, from Monster Mash rip-offs to horror soundtracks.

Here are my humble suggestions for making your month more sonically spooky:

V/A- Monster Bop
This is a great compilation of horror novelty songs from the 60's. Unleash your inner go-go ghoul!

Goblin are one of the coolest bands I've come across recently. These Italian prog-rockers scored such horror classics as Dario Argento's Suspiria and Deep Red, and George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Everything I've heard of theirs so far has been great, but the soundtrack to Suspiria has to be my personal favorite. Creepy, synthy, experimental and just plain awesome.

The Cramps- Songs the Lord Taught Us
Now, as it may be obvious to some of you, no month is complete without the Cramps. Their brand of post-punk proto-psychobilly (do I sound pretentious yet?) is delicious, dance-inducing, and yeah, I'll say it, sexy. But with songs like "Zombie Dance" and "I Was A Teenage Werewolf," how could you forget the Cramps on Halloween?

Bernard Herrmann- The Day the Earth Stood Still OST
Nothing gets you more in the spirit for Halloween than the score for a sci-fi movie from the 50's. It's got theremin up the wazoo. It's spooky, it's beautiful, and sure, it's dated, but it's done well enough that it doesn't matter.

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