Monday, October 20, 2008

heartsrevolution yes yes yes

another boy/girl electro duo, this one off iheartcomix. album drops tomorrow! it's nice to see musicians who don't take themselves too seriously (they'll sell you bubble guns and pink eyeshadow) because i'm less embarrassed to have post-crystal castles hipster beat makers on repeat, yah know what i mean?

the first time i heard them i thought they were pretty bad, but the more i heard the better they sounded. a hundred plays later i love them. and crystal castles too. and eats tapes (still my number one). and all the boy/girl duos forming at this minute, i love them too.

the best part about these groups is their remixing-potential, here's la riots' version of "switchblade"

i can talk all the snot i want but they're mad cute, no question. at CMJ this weekend, europe later.


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