Thursday, October 9, 2008

Phil Spector=God

Yeah, so maybe he's completely batshit. Maybe he kept his wife locked up in the basement because he was so paranoid. Maybe he held the Ramones at gunpoint while they were recording End of the Century. Maybe he killed some people. Maybe he sent his mind gangsters after Brian Wilson to drive him even crazier than he already was.

I don't care.

Phil Spector is the greatest music producer to ever live.

Listen to "Be My Baby" and tell me otherwise. I dare you.

If you want to be a real person, you should buy Back to Mono (1958-1969), a 4-disc compilation of the golden age of Spector.

And here's a little something to tide you over for now:


lowen said...

that video made my day.

the ronettes are so gooood

sarahbarr said...

i dance just like the ronettes.

c.danger said...

i dance like sarahbarr dancing like the ronettes

Larry said...

small "g", please!

Anonymous said...

Well, he is not without flaw. Let it be was awful when it was first produced and missed the point of the album which was...let it be.