Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ain't nothing better than showing me love

And free things. This is a little late but I'm still up (super pumped for thanksgiving I suppose..) and I need to give a serious shout out to the Alchemystics. They're a local hip hop/reggae/dub group in Western, Mass and they make beautiful music. Force of the Alchemystics stopped by WOZQ recently and showed us some love, dropped off a bunch of wonderful things and posed for a photo. I'm currently in love with the song Shine Eye Girl and I like to think that this song would have been inspired by me if they knew me before it was produced (yeah that was conceited but as Rihanna says, "Bitch, I'm special!")

Anyway, listen to them, love them, let people know about them because they're great.

we looked good. Sequin on the left, Force on the right. Yeah, I was really happy, he was cute.

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c.danger said...

oh my god that picture of you and force is so cute