Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hip Hop Royalty

Just in case you didn't already know. Here we have the King, Queen, and Jack (Prince) of mainstream hip hop music.


WEEZY F. BABY. With his latest album and all his wonderful collaborations, Lil Wayne is king. There's no denying it. Two questions: 1) Is that WOZQ on your fingers? 2) Marry me?QUEEN
KANYE WEST. Kanye, lots of respect for what you're doing but was there ever a bigger diva? (well me of course but for once, this isn't about me) Not even Sasha Fierce (aka Beyonce gone crazy) could compete. I like most of what I've been hearing from 808s & Heartbreak but here is essentially Celine Dion doing hip hop. An entire album bitching and moaning about an ex? Really?? I'll still be listening though so all hail Queen Kanye.
Tiny? You look different.

T.I., I love you boo, that's all. If it wasn't for Lil Wayne and everything he does, you'd be king. Two images because I love you so much.

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