Friday, November 28, 2008

a sound is not a sound

i tie sounds to places, but beach house's is universal in its beauty. i tie it to every dreamy memory i've had since first hearing them about a year ago. partly because i play them any time anything remotely nice is happening so i can connect the moment to a good sound. but also because beach house transcends the geographical boundaries i arbitrarily and subconsciously order bands into.

their first 7" release is of a single, "Used to Be", recorded this past summer. the b-side is a demo of "Apple Orchard" recorded three years prior to the release of their self-titled.

"Used to Be" plays like a dream; victoria legrand's voice against a soft, steady tambourine melting into lush reverbs. it's like if your love were a ghost and it expelled breaths and the breathing had a melody. and then the melody were a fog and the fog was spun sugar in the cave of your heart and the echo was a croon saying, don't forget the nights, when it all felt right...

beach house is a band i love with all my being so i can't review them on any important or critical level. there was a period of a couple months when i would leave parties early or skip class so i could chain-smoke and day-dream to beach house. i thought that part of my life was over but this single has brought it all back.

currently on tour with jana hunter (oh, man) and will be in northampton december 11th with tickley feather at the iron horse. it may change your life.


c.danger said...

oh man lets buy tickets now. im serious.

c.danger said...

wait really though. i just re-read this and listened to the song and have fallen in love all over again.